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Student Retention in Higher Education

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One of the most crucial factors deciding the fate and the profitability of any college these days is “Student Retention”, sometimes referred to as persistence, is of increasing importance to college administrators as they try to improve graduation rates and decrease loss of tuition revenue from students that either drop out or transfer to another school.



More than 50% of the students that graduate from a college began their studies in a different college in US. There are various indicators that point a student at risk

  1. Late registration
  2. Absence from class
  3. Failure to submit assignments on time

These are a few indicators and there are more such indicators. And identifying key factors influencing attrition is a necessity.

One cannot prevent anyone from moving ahead but can effectively try to convince them to think otherwise, but how to make this happen?
Do you know your students well?
Do you know their problems?
Does all the college staff think alike regarding a student issue?

STUDENTS NEED TO BE TREATED AS YOUR CUSTOMERfor you to answer the few questions mentioned above. And to make this happen we need to rely on a man-made giant that’s great when it works else


We live in an era where we could see the happenings on mars on the World Wide Web. So why not control a small issue like Retention.

Technology controlled retention management is effective as it is a centralized process and all involved personals would be on the same page and the best part , People who used to state “ That’s not my department” have to say “Hey I am passing this issue to you , do you have anything that needs me to handle?”

There are two ways to implement this Man Made Giant to control retention. Some tech geeks could come over and create a solution for you from scratch else some geek would have created one such mechanism, you need to get that and plug it to your existing system and bingo things are under control.

I was curious to know what kind of a magic wand this new mechanism possess and tried out a handful of them.

All had the same flavor of the magic wand but one stood out. It was a tool called ProRetention which as the name suggested handled only retention management. And here the best part is, I have around 8 years of technology experience mostly in the CRM space. For all those ignorant god fearing people out there CRM means Customer Relationship Management, hey now don’t get the feeling I am not, I am a God fearing technology understanding person.

This tool had all the essence of a fully fledged CRM, though they are not one actually. Whoever put the magic wand into the product make sure the wand was a few centimeters longer than the rest, making the magical power a bit more compared to the rest. It actually treated the students as customers and the problem which all the educational institutions in America were facing — Retention, could possibly be managed using this Tool.

Retention is an area of interest for me, now don’t ask me why? I have no clue; it just stuck on to me when I read about it and doing further research on this topic. Will keep you all posted as along as technology works.

Source: ProRetention Success CRM helps to Increase Student Retention


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