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The DROPOUT CRISIS: Addressing the Problem; Providing a Solution

“Education is supposed to be the great equalizer.  America is supposed to be the country where if you are willing to work hard enough, you can pull yourself up.  The truth is, however, that our education system is designed to set up students who are from diverse backgrounds to fail.  And fail they do.” ―Leah Rapoza (2014, pp.118)

Sterling, VA ― There are 60 million (1 in 5) Americans who have dropped out of high school and of those who choose to “drop back in” and enroll in a post-secondary institution, 20 million (1 in 12) possess a GED certificate. It is predicted that up to half of these students are expected to dropout within one year of enrollment. Unfortunately, most educators are unaware of these facts. So “why is this significant?” Conversation surrounding the needs of GED learners at the post-secondary level as they transfer and navigate the higher education system has largely been ignored.

In the new title, America’s Forgotten Student Population: Creating a Path to College Success for GED® Completers, editors Angela Long and Christopher Mullin, deal exclusively with the topics of student attrition and persistence among GED completers who begin their post-secondary experience at a community college. They provide both quantitative and qualitative data unseen by virtually all community college presidents, as well as their deans of academic affairs. They present a book that not only yields fresh insights into the mindset of college dropouts but it also reveals the thinking of researchers and administrators who stand the ‘cutting-edge’ of innovative program developments dealing with student persistence issues within 2-year public institutions of higher learning. Lastly, they work with twelve contributors who provide a multi-dimensional perspective on the dropout crisis now transpiring among GED completers that otherwise would not be seen through a single writer’s eyes.

This book is meant to shed light and prompt investigation on a critical yet overlooked topic of the 21st century, namely GED certificate holders entering the post-secondary educational system in America. It is a comprehensive resource for college administrators, educational policy makers and researchers, offering both broad policy recommendations and tested ideas and models that can be implemented at the state and institutional level.

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