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Life After the Crisis

9781620360729_cf100 First-Hand Advice for Campus Leaders to Help Them Prepare for and Manage On-Campus Crises

Sterling, VA (January 28, 2014) — According to a survey of news reports by The Huffington Post, at least 27 shootings occurred on or near college campuses last year. In a time of instant communication and a watchful media environment, “doing the right thing” becomes even more significant. Campus leaders and administrators are faced with managing the aftermath of these crises with little time to think about the next action. “Damage control” must be done immediately and it will be scrutinized by the media, the public and local constituents—faculty, staff, students and alumni.

In the wake of two tragic campus shootings, editors Gretchen Bataille and Diana Cordova of the new title, Managing the Unthinkable: Crisis Preparation and Response for Campus Leaders, provide advice for campuses to be ready before the crisis and not assume that any campus is “safe” from trouble. They present a collection of 18 essays written by presidents and other senior leaders who have experienced crises or who have served higher education in a consulting capacity to ensure that institutions emerge stronger after a crisis.

The authors of the chapters in the book give advice they have gleaned from their own experiences—from the well-publicized deaths of four students at Kent State, the mass shooting at Virginia Tech and the Penn State athletic scandal to less well-known events such as the deaths of students that affected campuses in ways that reverberated for years.

The book is broken down into five parts:

  1. Preparing for and Managing a Crisis
  2. Accidents, Catastrophes, and Natural Disasters
  3. Building a Team: Shared Responsibilities
  4. Dealing with the Media: Who to Tell What and When
  5. Remembrance and Healing

Managing the Unthinkable is not a “how to” book for training; rather, it provides honest, first-hand advice to presidents and other campus leaders about the very real work to be done preparing for and managing a crisis as well as analyzing the emotional toll that can result from dramatic events on campus. The book should be a “must read” for every senior leader as well as board member. Issues of risk management and readiness are not often at the top of the list for what presidents and their boards “must do,” but in a time of ongoing change and media scrutiny, both presidents and boards should take heed to messages conveyed in this book.

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For more information, a review copy or to request an interview contact: Shaqunia Clark, 703-996-1039 or



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